Guide To Quitting Smoking

You are going to free yourself from all the obligations you feel towards smoking. You are going to free yourself from the desire to smoke a cigarette . By accomplishing this, you are going to reach a tremendous state of freedom and joy. Lust for life will become your new motto! You are going to understand that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of when it comes to quitting smoking. You are going to discover that all the fears you have are just illusions. The moment you’ll be a non smoker you’ll fully agree with this. For now, I leave you with a thought to open your mind.

It’s also important that you are a critical reader of this guide to quitting smoking. I want to ask you to be critical not only of the words you read but also the thoughts you have and the new thoughts you are going to create. The fact that you are reading this book means that there is something in you, no matter how small, that wants to stop smoking. Your success will mainly depend on your approach towards this book. If you are willing to deeply analyze and understand what you are going to read, your success is guaranteed.

If you have the intention of going quickly through it and retaining your own thoughts, I would advise you not to buy the book. It won’t work. It won’t be able to help you. On top of this, you won’t be able to help yourself, because that’s what it’s all about. If you have already bought the book, or received it, don’t read it if this is your state of mind; it will be a waste of time. Therefore, if you want to continue reading this book, having an open and critical mind is essential. Otherwise, you’d better stop right now. Allow me to give you some general suggestions to keep in mind while you are going through this book.

  • Accept the thought that there is nothing to fear after you stop smoking.
  • Be a critical reader. Be critical of the words you read and to the thoughts you have
    right now.
  • Feel free to smoke as you please. When your Final Liberation comes, you’ll feel it and you’ll become a non-smoker, even before extinguishing your last cigarette . Don’t force your behavior. Let yourself be guided by your thoughts. You’ll know when the moment has come. We will show you how and when to smoke your last cigarette . Yes, exciting, isn’t it?
  • While reading this book and applying the Painless Stop Smoking Cure, feel relaxed and enjoy the moment. You’ll discover that there is absolutely nothing to feel stressed about. There is nothing to be afraid of. In a short while you are about to become a free and happy non-smoker and this will be one of the best moments you’ll ever experience in your entire life. Guaranteed!
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