How Would You Feel If I Told You That To Quit Smoking

There is nothing wrong in thinking about smoking or cigarettes. If, however, you think about it with desire, as if you miss something, then there is something wrong. This won’t happen to you now because you are applying the Painless Stop Smoking Cure, which removes any feelings of desire, or craving.

Once you have no desire for a cigarette anymore, once you don’t want to smoke anymore, once you completely understand that there are absolutely no benefits in smoking, why would you want to smoke one more cigarette ? You wouldn’t! You simply don’t want to do it. You have no reason for lighting a cigarette , so you don’t do it.

There is no alternative. You have got to a point where you are absolutely certain that you don’t want to smoke anymore. Based on this certainty, you have made a decision, I mean, a true decision, meaning that there is no other way. So, why would you want to smoke just one more cigarette ?

It’s just impossible. It’s not happening. Often people ask whether it would be a problem if after quitting they smoked a cigarette occasionally. Well, of course it would matter! You would be a drug addict again. The point is that only people who are still smokers can ask this question. And the reason they ask this question is because they haven’t convinced themselves yet. They still doubt and are full of fear about whether they are going to succeed or not, whether they are going to miss something or not.

Imagine a non-smoker asking if it’s ok to smoke a cigarette once in a while? Sounds absurd doesn’t it? Well, indeed, it does. The non-smoker has no reason to even think about smoking one cigarette because they have no desire for it. And as an educated non-smoker, they know that there is absolutely nothing that a cigarette can give them. Nothing at all.

When you quit, you quit. Final. No more cigarettes, not even one. You’ll see, as you continue reading that you won’t even think about cigarettes again. If you smoked that one cigarette, the nicotine would immediately inflate the balloon and you would need to start again from the beginning. But feel confident, it just won’t happen. In case you still feel panicky when you think about quitting, consider this; how would you feel if I told you, you would never be able to stop smoking?

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