Advantages Of Quitting Smoking And Disadvantages Of Smoking

Do you know that around quitting smoking 1000 Americans are dying everyday because of smoking

diseases that diseases that quitting smoking will end up in death

One out of every six men is dying in United States because of smoking. It is quite clear now that smoking is one of the major causes of death. If you smoke then you are also enhancing the chances of diseases that will end up in death.

The major diseases due to smoking are the coronary heart disease, lung cancer, mouth cancer and severe problems regarding throat, bladder, kidney and quitting smoking pancreas. Most of the diseases are so severe that there are no treatments available for them. The severe gangrene problem has been found in the Diabetic patients, who smoke a lot.

Now, this is the high time and you must quit smoking immediately. Do not think that it is impossible for you to quit it, as there are many chain smokers, who have quit smoking. The only thing one needs is the determination and once you achieve your destination then you will feel happy and contented.

Follow these rules and see the results:

Firstly, you need a firm determination of quitting this bad habit. When you have determined firmly, and then decide a date. Now, from this particular date, you will not touch the cigarette determine it firmly.

For a smoker, smoking is one of the essentials. Now you have decided to quit it and to attain the quitting, try some other work at the time of smoking.

As the date of quitting is approaching, try to minimize the intake of cigarettes and the conditions when you smoke. Take a glass jar, fill it with water and drop all the butts of cigarette into it.

Try to concentrate on the advantages after quitting cigarette, in your free time. You will find that quitting smoking have much more advantages than smoking. If one quit smoking then there will be considerable minimization in the risk involved due to heart disease, cancer and other deadly diseases.

Earlier quitting smoking you use to get tired up easily but now you have more power

You will also gain resistance from cough, cold and flu.


The quitting cigarette will also save the money, which you were burning to destroy your health. Put all the money you spend on your cigarette in the glass jar and in one month see your savings.

In the initial phases, nicotine will show its effects. It would be almost impossible for you to handle this temptation. However, try to divert your mind. You will also have to face a lot of problems like headache, irritation and coughing. All these are positive signs.

To avoid them drink water, make your hands and mouth busy. Do not bother about them, as they will reduce with the time. During the initial phases of quitting smoking, you may feel anxiety. To get rid of anxiety does not take caffeine drinks, inhale deep breaths and go for walk. The best way to handle the problem is start doing exercises.

Moreover, quantity of carbon monoxide in your blood will minimize and a considerable increment of oxygen. There will be glow at your face and your skin will turn pink. Your heartbeat will be normal and lungs become clearer.

Your risk to heart attack gradually decreases, if you are not smoking for a year or two.

To make it more interesting, look out for a friend interested in getting rid of it smoking.

Both of you can do wonders for quitting smoking

Always try to avoid places that encourage smoking. After quitting, many people usually put on a lot of weight. To avoid this, go for an exercise program, eat healthy food and improve your way of living.

Some drugs can replace the harmful nicotine, but, it should not be taken without the advice of doctor. For instance, nicotine gum, bupropion, nicotine inhaler and nicotine nasal spray. These drugs will surely helpful in quitting smoking.

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