Stop Smoking MP3 Downloads Actually Work

How long is a piece of string

The questions are similar, not because there are an infinite number of possible answers to both questions, but because it depends on the particular download or the specific piece of string you want to know the length of.

So what would a stop smoking mp3 download have to do in order to stop you from smoking.

stop smoking mp3

Well I guess it would have to stop you from smoking. I know that sounds like I’m talking in riddles, but you really do need to be specific if you want specific answers. You see any smoker has stopped any time they don’t actually have a lit cigarette between their lips. Any smoker has stopped while they are in an aeroplane or any place that does not permit smoking. Any smoker has quit while they are asleep.

So look at what you really want.

What you really want is to have no desire to light a cigarette and suck on it. Isn’t it?

What you really want is to listen to a magical recording you’ve just downloaded and immediately lose all interest in cigarettes and smoking. Don’t you?

What you really want is for this stop smoking download to make you believe you have never smoked. Possibly

So do stop smoking downloads do all of that

I am a hypnotherapist so I’d like to change that question a little and ask can hypnosis do that?

I’ve been using hypnosis to help people successfully quit smoking for around 14 years, so I’m pretty convinced that if what I do can be recorded then I can create a download that actually stops people from smoking.

I did exactly that and I know now that it’s true because I’ve heard back from non-smokers who used to be smokers and who used my stop smoking CD to help them quit.

But is it just down to the hypnosis download?

Well I’ve used hypnosis downloads from other hypnotherapists that seemed to have no impact on the problem I wanted help with, so I guess there are better downloads than others.

And with smoking you have to really want to stop. You have to be determined to stop. The download just makes it easier for you to do what you want to do. If the only problem is that you are worried about failure, or you’ve heard it’s really difficult to stop smoking, then using a stop smoking mp3 download or a stop smoking hypnosis CD can make the process so much easier. In fact one of the benefits of using a CD as opposed to a one to one treatment is that you can listen to the CD as many times as you like. You can even use the CD to wean yourself off cigarettes and stop smoking a little at a time.

Just making that decision, to listen to your stop smoking CD every day and just allow the desire for cigarettes to slowly drop away as you get more and more disinterested in the whole smoking palaver is a great way to give up smoking. But you have to be consistent with your listening.

If you are feeling braver you could just plan to listen to the stop smoking CD every day for a week and decide that at the end of the week is when you will have smoked your last cigarette. That way you have a definite date, a point in time when you know you will have succeeded.

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