Do You Still Want To Switch Onto Stop Smoking

Necessity for expecting mothers stop smoking

God has bestowed all his blessing on mother by giving her a chance to nurture one more life in her body Then why they want to become life snatchers to their child only for the sake of a bad habit.

Expecting mothers should at once stop smoking as it can prove very dangerous for your unborn. It is vital to quit this worst habit prior knowing about pregnancy as well as during pregnancy. Consummation of alcohol and smoking contaminates baby food due to which the risk of birth defects is more.

A little carelessness can result in irreparable losses. Timely care will definitely help to get rid of worries. A visit to health care is must at this stage. No physician prescribes to continue habit of consuming alcohol so it becomes all more necessary to quit this habit.

Bestowing a safe life to the baby is responsibility that falls on shoulder of mother. Would be mothers must be aware of the facts relating to healthy stay of their child. Women who continue to smoke during pregnancy are literally giving a slow poison treatment to themselves as well as to their baby.

Smoking affects your unborn fetus resulting in various respiratory defects in child later on in his life stages. When baby is in mother’s womb, his body parts are attached to his mother parts. Anything which mother eats goes directly in babys body.

When a pregnant woman smokes then baby gets less oxygen than he usually would. We all know oxygen is the most vital thing to ensure survival. But smoking deprives the child of a healthy stay.

Less supply of oxygen results in irregular development of baby body parts and also contributes to preterm labor, hence is threatening to his life.

At stop smoking this stage it is essential for you to pay a visit to your health care provider.

Your physician will design a time table for you that would be feasible and easy to adopt. Following the prescribed schedule you will be able to quit your unhealthy habits ensuring a safe life to your child.

There are many helping aids available for expecting mothers which help efficiently at this trying time. Work out classes is also given by these support groups which lessens your stress.

Timely taking up better things will provide your stop smoking unborn child a safe delivery and a healthy life

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