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Some people are under misconception and take smoking as a hobby

According to recent studies conducted by AMA, American Lung and Heart Associations and the American Cancer society smoking is one of the main causes of premature death. the smoking means you are giving to yourself a slow poison treatment.


smoking does not only meteorites the smokers health but it also affects the nearby standing person like your kids as their organs are on developing stage.

It has become an accepted fact worldwide that cigarette smoking is the main agent of avoidable and premature death rate. It results in one in five deaths in United States. The data shows the deaths of over 400,000 people from 1995 to 1999 in U.S per year.

smoking acts as a catalyst in lung cancer, coronary heart diseases and chronic airway obstruction.

If we exclude adult deaths which is commonly a result of secondhand smoke, we see that both adult males and females have lost on an around 13 to14 years of their life expectancy. If this pace of consummation of tobacco goes on then approximately 6.4 million children will loose their lives prematurely.

Economy has to endure the expenditure of over $100 billions in health care costs annually which results in loss of productivity including the death rate and medical expenses. Give smoking has direct relation to the sources causing the lung cancer, emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

The primary cause of the death in U.S is cardiovascular disease which is again partially an outcome of the tobacco use. A survey shows the deaths of 65000 women who died of the lung cancer and 85000 men who died of lung and bronchus diseases.

This shows that smoking is much injurious to health than the most people are aware about its harmful effects. This data should act as a statuary warning for people but instead of becoming aware they get back to the same habit again.

Some people do want to quit smoking and some even tries to make an attempt which is  good starting for a good cause as done by many  people but to increase this figure it is essential that the victims should be encourage so that he may get counted in the smoking list of successful

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