How To Decide To Quit Smoking

The to quit smoking real problem is the decision process.

Thats to quit smoking right, its a process.

to quit smoking

Its to quit smoking not a simple decision, the Its a decision that you want to change your state and your behavior. You should replace, something youve enjoyed doing it, with absolute nothing.

The process for becoming a smoker is the same. In both cases the point is the same, you want to make a habit of a particular state, that you enjoy being.

Thats cigarettes the main reason why some people eat like crazy, when they quit.

They to quit smoking miss the behavior, the everyday routine.

Maybe you were never in the situation to understand how powerful a habit can be.

The everyday repetition of the same process creates a very powerful link in your brain and your whole being.

So, how to stop smoking this behavior how to decide to quit smoking

As I already said in almost every post that I write, the decision is a process. I quit after 1, 5 years of trying to quit. What happened in that period, well, first of all I questioned myself, and my habit,

with to quit smoking all sorts of questions, and at the end I convinced myself that smoking is a very powerful habit, more emotional than physical, and I dont need a cigarette anymore to control my state. I will do that without a cigarette.

Let me ask you something, is it really so important to inhale something bad, just to control your state, here are some questions and tips that can help you understand your habit more.

The key to deciding to quit smoking is to understand your habit and yourself.

Every time you light a cigarette, ask yourself why did you do that Was it necessary

How to quit smoking did you feel, for example, if you were anxious, after smoking that cigarette did you gather strength to solve some problem.

When youre relaxing, notice whats relaxing you, is it smoking, or the thought that you deserve to relax and to quit smoking.

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