40 Smoking Significantly Increases Babys Sids Risk

Experts found babies whose mothers smoked during pregnancy were smoking born with smaller airways  making them more vulnerable to breathing problems after birth.

These breathing problems can put your baby at increased risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Sids.

the smoking has been linked to various health problems in babies, including prematurity and low birth weight. Mothers who smoke are at increased risk of having a stillbirth, miscarriage or premature infant.

Smoking while pregnant will lower the amount of oxygen available to you and your growing baby and increase your babys heart rate.

These smoking health factors also contribute to raising the sids risk for your infant, and in your childs decreased ability to breathe correctly or take in enough oxygen for a restful, restorative sleep at night.

Babies born to mothers who smoke are significantly lighter and shorter than those born to non smokers. Children who are exposed to tobacco smoke before birth or in the home are far more likely to suffer from respiratory illnesses and infections, which can also contribute to a decrease in quality of nighttime sleep for your baby.

The more cigarettes you or your babys caregiver smoke per day, the greater your babys chances of developing these smoking and other health problems.  Studies show that a babys risk of sids rises with each additional smoker in the household, with the number of cigarettes smoked a day, and with the length of exposure to cigarette smoke.

So smoking give your baby and yourself the best chance at a restful nights sleep and keep your home and your babys sleeping environment smoke free.

Your baby will thank you and youll sleep better knowing your babys risk for sids is greatly diminished and that smoking your baby is breathing clean air with each breath he takes at night.

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