How To Blow Smoke Rings With Your Cigar

Do you yearn to blow smoke rings with your cigar like a pro

Stogie aficionados often speak of the ceremony like deliberateness of smoking a good cigar.

Blowing smoke rings is the mark of a smoker who enjoys the smooth and relaxing effects of smoking.

But how do you blow a good smoke ring

Some argue that it cannot be taught, that it will simply come to you with time and practice.

Regardless, here are a few tips to smoke get you going.

Veteran smokers note that in order to blow a good smoke ring, you will need to create dense smoke.

Draw a deep, dense smoke puff into your mouth. Hold the smoke there and then open your mouth slowly and deliberately.

Open your mouth, shaping your lips into a rounded and pull your tongue back as you expel the smoke.

Keep in mind that you are not exhaling the smoke but simply pushing it out of your mouth

Also keep in mind that this maneuver will not work if there is even a slight breeze in the air.

Make smoke sure you try it in a location with still calm air.

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