Choosing The Best Ashtray For Cigar Smoking

Is an ashtray just cigar smoking an ashtray nlike regular cigarettes

cigars need their own special space to support their girth and ashes.

cigar smoking

Many cigar aficionados swear by the pleasures of finding the proper place to hold their cigars and ashes.

So cigar smoking what are the characteristics of a good ashtray

First of course, make sure the ashtray you buy is big enough to hold your cigars.

Cigars come in varying sizes, so you will want an ashtray that can accommodate the single of your choice. Next, consider your personal style of smoking.

Do cigar smoking you produce a lot of ash

Do you let your cigar smoking rest for extended periods of time

These are all important considerations when choosing your ashtray.

Look for ashtrays made of metal, heavy glass, or ceramics. Ideally, you will want the ashtray to be big enough to hold the ashes for two cigars.

Where can you find the best ashtrays for your cigars smoking

Many cigar aficionados swear by antique ashtrays.

Search out flea markets and antique stores for good deals.

Tobacco shops, mail order catalogues, and Internet shops are for cigar smoking also good places to look.

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