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cigars gifts for groomsman

Cigar Gifts For Groomsmen

Planning a cigar gifts for groomsmen wedding is not that easy, even with the assistance of a wedding planner. You cigar gifts for groomsmen need to into the details carefully to make that special day a perfect moment in your life. That is why your groomsmen are there for you to lend a helping hand. […] Read more
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How To Blow Smoke Rings With Your Cigar

Do you yearn to blow smoke rings with your cigar like a pro Stogie aficionados often speak of the ceremony like deliberateness of smoking a good cigar. Blowing smoke rings is the mark of a smoker who enjoys the smooth and relaxing effects of smoking. But how do you blow a good smoke ring Some […] Read more
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Cigar Smoking Etiquette

moking cigars may be a cigar smoking great source of pleasure in your life, but the courteous smoker knows that not everyone enjoys the taste or smell  of a good Cuban. With the fervor of anti smoking campaigns still in full swing, the importance of enjoying a good stogie while not offending others cannot be  […] Read more
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Cigar Smoking 101

hat are the basics of cigar smoking 101 How do you light a cigar? How do you draw on the cigar properly, Do you inhale? What are the dos and donts of cigar smoking 101 If you have ever pondered any of these questions, read on. Here is a simple and accessible primer designed to […] Read more
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The Dangers Of Being Exposed To Cigar Smoke

We have all heard about the dangers of inhaling second hand cigar smoke. Many people wonder if the dangers of inhaling cigar smoke are just as dangerous, or more. Unfortunately, it appears that being exposed to secondhand smoke from a lit cigar can be just as dangerous, or more, than regular cigarette smoke. All secondhand […] Read more
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